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Welcome to our Website

Welcome to the house of packaging N.K. enterprises - for food packaging requirements like Alluminum foil and cling film N.K. Enterprises (Montex Foil) is the leading and well known company for its quality packaging products since 2000. We consistently invest in new equipment, quality system and procedure as well as trained and dedicated staff in order for this objective to be achieved

Montex FOIL

Montex Foil and Cling Film. the items are extensively used by Caterers, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Cafeterias, Hospitals, Airlines, Schools, College, Company Canteen, Railway,  Coffee-Shop etc. "Montex Foil" (pure Aluminium Foil)- used for Cooking, Packing, Wrapping, Freezing, Storing, Decorating etc. Available in all sizes 9mt, 18mt, 72mt, 1kg, 2kg.and as per customer requirement.

Montex Cling Film 

Crystal clear food grade cling film, now with a dispenser preserves fresh foodstuff especially raw meat, poultry, cheese, fruits and vegetables. It adds gloss and luster, providing the 'fresh today' appearance that is so important to customer appeal. Available in many different sizes.

Best Part of Foil and Cling Film :

* Protects the food. 
* Self sealing. 
* Keep the food fresh. 
* Prevent flavour transfer from food to food. 
* Ideal for covering food in bowls and dishes. For use with plastic or paper containers.
* Last choice of house wife or other best.